‘osmosis – the gathering’ – £5.00

1. I Live Not Where I Love – 2.57
2. Down By The Sally Gardens – 4.36
3. Scarborough Fair – 3.58
4. She Moved Through The Fair – 4.14
5. The Captain’s Apprentice – 2.29
6. Down in the Deep, Deep Water – 4.25 written by Karin Grandal-Park
7. Bold Fisherman – 5.26
8. Silver Dagger – 4.53
9. Gallows Tree – 3.48 written by Karin Grandal-Park
10. Ae Fond Kiss – 5.12

Karin Grandal-Park vocals – tracks 2, 6, 9, 10
Sheree Hemingway vocals – tracks 4, 8
Pete Dunk Bandoneon: vocals – tracks 1, 5
Gary Hetherington Instrumentation: vocals – tracks 3, 7
Track 4 features Alan Dublon on Electric Guitar, tracks 3 & 4 feature Karl Robins on Acoustic Guitar

‘lives on the line’ – £7.50

1. Going on a Randy – 4.09 written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
2. Alice White – 5.19 written/composed by Alan Bell. Published by Tamlyn Music Ltd
3. Market Train – 4.44 written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
4. In the Springtime – 4.15 written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
5. Oh to be a Navvy – 4.19 written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
6. A day like any other – 4.22 written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
7. Hide from the Devil – 4.13 written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park

Songs about the men and women who built the Settle Carlisle Railway Line.


This project is part of Stories in Stone, a scheme of conservation and community projects concentrated on the Ingleborough area. The scheme was developed by the Ingleborough Dales Landscape Partnership, led by Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. www.storiesinstone.org.uk

30% of ‘Lives on the Line’ CD sales income (after deduction of P & P costs) will be donated to Friends of the Settle Carlisle Line. www.foscl.org.uk

CD COST £7.50 including P & P (UK orders only), you can buy online using the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

‘the snows they melt the soonest’ – £10

1. Anne Naysmith – 5.36 Written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
2. Dance of Life  – 4.35 Words by Karin Grandal-Park/Music by Karl Robins
3. The snows they melt the soonest- 4.04 Traditional
4. There’s that women – 4.01 Written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
5. The stones of Callenish – 4.32 Written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
6. Hey Mister – 4.31 Words by Karin Grandal-Park/Music by Karl Robins
7. Blackwaterside – 4.09  Traditional
8. Strong in the Broken Places – 4.49 Written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
9. Nowhere – 4.48 Written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
10. My Mother’s Hands –  4.17 Written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park
11. Rights of Man – 3.36  Traditional Tune/Words by Karin Grandal-Park
12. Take me Away – 5.05 Written/composed by Karin Grandal-Park

Recorded live at Awake Music, Berwick-on-Tweed by Iain Petrie.  The original songs on this CD where inspired by true stories and personal experiences.

Thanks to:-
Mike Harding for his ‘Mandolin Magic’ on:- Anne Naysmith, The snows they melt the soonest, Hey Mister & Strong in the Broken Places
Amanda Martin – harmony vocal on Blackwaterside
Frank Meadley – Bodhran on The stones of Callenish & The Rights of Man
Iain Petrie – recording and engineering
Gary Hetherington – Mastering
Mike Harding – www.mikehardingfolkshow.com (Podcast No. 220)

“Karin is a great singer, fantastic voice and is also a really fine songwriter.  What I like about her songs is that she tells us stories.  Everyone of her songs has got a message, but it’s wrapped up within a story” She’s teamed up with Karl Robins another well known singer around the North of England and great guitarist.  They’ve produced an absolutely superb album called ‘The snows they melt the soonest’  MIKE HARDING

CD COST £10.00 including P & P (UK orders only), you can buy online using the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.

You can buy both ‘lives on the line’ + the snows they melt the soonest’ for a special price of £15.


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