About Karin

Karin started classical voice training at age 9 years. From the age of 13 she was performing at a wide range of venues across her home county of Lancashire and beyond.

At age 17 Karin was touring the country and Europe with various bands. She describes this as ‘a bit of a wild time’ but thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Karin went on to live in London and worked in the city. In her spare time she worked as a session singer for various studio’s.

She now lives in Cumbria and has sung with various bands including, Heartland, Riva and Oncescene.

She first became interested in Folk Music when a friend invited her to Moniave Folk Festival in Dumfries & Galloway. She was enthralled by the diversity of the music and this inpsired her to take up playing guitar again and to write Folk songs. She was further inspired by listening to The Mike Harding Folk Show. Little did she know that she would get to meet Mike and he would agree to play Mandolin on four of the tracks on her and Karl Robin’s CD ‘The snows they melt the soonest’

Karin has always written poetry and songs but says ‘I finally found were I believe I belong musically’. ‘I have been greatly encouraged by many people, but in particular Nick Wilson, Mic and Susie Darling, Mike Harding, Delene and Chris Keenlyside, Andy & Elaine Clayton to name but a few’.

Karin writes songs based on true stories, social issues and historical subjects.  With her thought provoking and emotive lyrics she takes listeners on a journey through the song.