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rnor40273Karin is a singer/songwriter with some 30 years experience in the Jazz/Blues field. She has sung with numerous bands over the years including After Hours, Riva and Heartland. She also has worked as a session singer with various studio’s. Several years ago after going to a Folk Festival in Dumfries & Galloway, she became enthralled with Folk Music and its diversity. Karin started to experiment with writing Folk Songs and went to many Folk Sessions up and down the country including the wonderful session run by Mike Harding at The Lion in Settle. Now teamed with Karl Robins (singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist) she devotes her time solely to writing and performing within the Folk genre. She has performed at several of the fantastic Costa Del Folk Festivals in Spain, Portugal and Mallorca, as well as a number of Folk Festivals and Folk clubs in the UK.

Karl Robins is originally from Leeds in the North of England but now lives in Northumberland in Spittal, near Berwick Upon Tweed. He has been playing for many years in a variety of bands with many different line ups, playing music in the Acoustic Folk/ Folk Rock genre. A songwriter since his late teens, Karl likes to experiment with different rhythms and styles. Plays acoustic and electric guitars, Puerto Rican Cuatro , sings melodies and harmonies. Karin and Karl have recorded their first CD entitled ‘The snows they melt the soonest’. This 12 track CD includes 10 original songs (written by Karin, with two collaboration songs were Karl wrote the music and two traditional songs)





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